Oh that Mitt Romney is just a sleazy little shit!

Right. I mean IMO, of course.
So Mitt says that he is proud of his Faith - meaning his Religion.
And he pretends to believe in it.
So when Huckabee asks the question he already knows the answer to "Don't the Mormons teach that Jesus and Satan are brothers?" why does Mitt dodge the question by saying a persons faith should not be part of a campaign.
And, when Huckabee tries to bait Mitt that way, isn't that just kind of sleazy too?
I mean, he just pulled what was supposed to be a huge coup with his Ex-Presidentially assisted A&M University speech about "his faith" - though he never actually talked about it.
So why can't he just be "proud" and say that yes he believes that Jesus and the Devil are brothers?
It has been a primary teaching of his "Faith" for nearly 200 years now.
It's not a new thing.
The teaching is found in the Mormon Scriptures called the Pearl of Great Price, adopted by the entire church as "The Word Of God" and included in their other book of Scripture the Doctrine and Covenants. (at the back)
This is the book that was supposedly translated by "The gift and power of God" by Mormon Founder Joseph Smith from papyrus scrolls reputed to be personally written by Moses and Abraham (there are two books included) and important Mormon doctrines are dependent on the PofGP, especially the doctrine of the "war in heaven".
Really, Satan was God's FAVORITE son, but he wanted to take glory unto himself for saving all of mankind on God's earth in progress, but Jesus you see - a less favored son, won the right to be mankind's Redeemer, by extending "free agency" to man (Satan was going to force us to be good) and more important - He was going to give the glory to God rather than take credit for himself as Satan wanted to do.
According to Mormon Faith, 1/3 of all of God's children supported Satan's plan and with him engaged a War in Heaven (a war of allegiance) and were all (with Satan) kicked out of Heaven for which "The Heaven's Wept".
Man, this is a great story.
Why didn't Mitt take the opportunity, if he is so "faithful" to be a good "Every Member a Missionary" and say "Heck yeah - I do believe that Jesus was the less cool brother of Satan - but Jesus knew how to one-up the Devil by brown-nosing God - Holy Crap Man, I love my Faith and (didn't he really say this the other day?) the "faith of my fathers".
Oh, Mitt - you sleazy, little liar.
You don't believe in Mormonism - you are embarrassed by Your Faith!
Mitt, IMO - you are another sleazy Mormon Prick!
You are a son of Satan and a lover of lies.

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