And what about that Alan Keyes?

Oh my Holy Crap!
Where in the hell did Alan Keyes come from?
In my mind he is actually someone who made sense and had anything worth saying in today's so called debate.
One thing that he certainly did that was Presidential was to STAND UP FOR HIMSELF when he was obviously being slighted.
And why was he being basically "left out" of the debate anyway?
Even the favorite candidate of republican youth - Ron Paul - looked old and stupid next to Alan Keyes.
And Keyes actually said things that need to be said, including what he would actually do.
All the other candidates just gave the same "laundry list" of what American should be like, but as usual had no actual plan or personal action to offer.
I was stunned.
I never heard of Keyes before today.
Where the hell did he come from?
True, I havn't been doing any research on "Party" candidates since I think they are all sell outs anyway, but I have seen all the "White" guys on tv. Even that white black democrat guy Obama who has nothing to say either.
But this Keyes guy.
Why havn't I seen him on the news or heard about him?
I don't want to go on gushing about him since I only met him today, but I was impressed!
I will have to do some research now though, since I am going to have to vote for someone - and I don't know if it's really right for me to vote for myself - even though I know that until today it was obvious to me that I am the only candidate qualified to protect America.
I was so impressed that Alan called a spade a spade (though they were all white).
He appeared like someone that has clear vision and the courage to say what he thinks.
And he also seems to understand America and the Constitution - so far being the only one from either party that does or even cares to.
I congratulate him on his courage and honesty and intelligence - three things up to now completely lacking in this "cluster fuck to the White House"!
I wonder why Huckabee didn't have the balls to ask Mitt if he really believed his Mormon Faith that Alan Keyes is a "less valiant" spirit who had to be born through the "loins of Cain" so all of God's favorite "white" children would know not to trust him or marry him? I mean, Romney's God say's Keyes is only good to be a "slave" to those more worthy (white) for "time and all eternity".
Why didn't anyone say or ask about that?
Oh Mitt, we all find Mormonism embarrassing.
The God of Mormonism is an embarrassment to anyone with a brain - which today we saw, Ron Paul has part of a brain, and Alan Keyes, as far as I could see - so far - actually is the only candidate from either party (red/blue) that has a fully functioning one.
How refreshing to hear him.
Having gone to Alan's website (from Provo, Utah???) I see that while I agree wholeheartedly with him on many issues, I violently disagree with what I consider hypocritical views promoting inequality and demands for his brand of religion rather than the certain inailiable rights he propounded today.
While today he chastised those who consider some people less equal than others, his "pledge", found on his web page in several areas does just what he today preached against.
He believes in a "homosexual agenda" which I find preposterous and would seek to deny equality to those who have different ideas about personal spirituality than he does.
Today, he was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise inane "debate", but in the end, he seems to be another Red sellout who wants to make America dance to his version of religion rather than support each persons inaliable right to worship or not according to the dictates of their own conscience.
Can't vote for him.
I guess I'll have to vote for myself after all.
I believe in freedom for all and equality for all.
Like most politicians, he talks the talk (kinda) but doesn't walk the walk regarding those who don't fit his personal preferences.
Vote for me - I'll set you free!
Doc Loco supports this message.
Doc Loco
aka Gregory Lowrey

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