Mitt Romney's Mormonism

Firstly, I do not believe for a moment that a single word of Mitt's speech was written by him. It sounded like another product of Brigham Young University, where all the Mormon General Conference "talks" are ghost authored.

It was a nice sounding speech about liberty and freedom which acknowledged "God" and proclaimed the Founding Fathers as God's instruments and noted that Religion was essential to freedom.

But it was not a nice speech - just nice sounding.

It's been pointed out that Mitt attempted to paint secularism as "religion" which it is not and that he excluded all religions but "Christians and Jews", while attacking Islam and promoted the display of Christian and Jewish (well just a candlestick) displays on Government property.

I don't understand why religious displays can't be left off Government property and displayed on the properties of the various religious practitioners.

The Constitution protects and describes it's respect for what it basically calls a Natural right to believe and practice religion according to the dictates of individual conscience - barring only the prevention of others to do the same.

This is of course what Government sponsored religious displays do - exclude the religious beliefs and practices of some while endorsing those of others.

Only those who would dispense with religious freedom - other than their own personal brand - would endorse such displays.

Why is it so important to those who pretend to a God inspired Constitution to force their particular rituals and beliefs on Everyone in the community by Governmental endorsement in the "public square"?

Such a practice is anti-Constitutional and a slap in the fact to the God they pretend to believe in.

To them I say "Equality My Ass!" What a bunch of ignorant, bigoted, hypocrites!

But, since Mitt was using this great opportunity to answer the question of his Mormonism making him less qualified to be President, even though his Mormonism has not been an issue, why did he not address those supposed concerns?

The reason, and speaking as someone who had been a Mormon for 40 years is that Mormonism maintains and has always maintained a "shadow government" that runs Utah today and intends, if they can ever get into power, to run America and the World.

Mormons "in good standing" must take supposedly "solemn" vows in the Temple to put Mormonism ahead of everything else in life.

They also are taught and formally solemnly agree that all governments are instruments of Satan and that only a government run by Mormon Priesthood is accepted by God.

All good Mormons must agree to be puppets of the President of the Mormon Church who proclaims himself the one and only mouthpiece of God on earth.

All good Mormons are required to believe that Mormonism is the only avenue to God, Heaven, Goodness, etc. and that all other religions or personal belief systems are inherently evil and inspired by "The Devil".

This can all be verified by reading Mormon Founder "Joseph Smith's Testimony" in the back of the Mormon Scriptures - The Pearl of Great Price - available to read at http://lds.org under the scriptures tab.

So is Mitt a true believer and thus an anti-American religious subversive?

Or is Mitt a liar who is using his religion to dupe the country into believeing he is really a good guy?

And if Mitt has already spent more of his personal millions on his political campaign than it would cost to provide health care to millions of poor people in the United States, why has he not chosen to do that with his money instead?

I get so pissed when I see all the candidates smiling and laughing and glad-handing each other and spending millions and millions of dollars on their bid for election when every day the people they pretend to want to represent are starving and dying from preventable causes - especially could those causes be prevented if these candidates would put their money and fund raising powers to work for the people instead of for their own greedy, dishonest selves.

Isn't it interesting, that Mitt's home state, where he grew up and his mother was a state senator and his father was governor and a major business leader and previous presidential candidate himself would rather have Guliani as their candidate than homeboy Mitt?

Well, I guess it should be obvious that I believe all the party candidates to be liars and self-serving pricks - I just have a special disgust for Mitt since I know his religion so well after being fucked over by them for so many years of my life.

One of my daughters is still a victim of Mormonism (the worst kind) as is my poor mother and my sisters and their families and my wife's family (even those who claim to hate Mormonism, but don't know in their heart that it is a lie) but thank God (the one of your choice) that my wife and five of my children and myself are free from that evil cult of evil.

Mitt is an evil liar IMO and his identification to Ronald Regan, another Teflon coated liar who did just the opposite of what he promised, took us from a billion dollar debt to a trillion dollar debt and believed in using Murder as the favored means of promoting Peace (oh my fucking God!) should be enough to simply exclude him and his Hollywood looks from any consideration.

Mitt is a poser and a fake - and so are all the other partyists.

Parties Divide Us. Division Never Was Unity.
If you believe in the UNITED STATES - you cannot at the same time believe in partyism.
Get honest America!

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