Oh, it's official - Even the Mormons say Mitt is a Phony

So Mitt has to backpedal on his claims to be backed by the NRA, watching his Dad march with Martin Luther King, flip-flopping on key issues, from abortion rights to gun control and gay rights.
"It's the fine-tuning that's created the problem. It's always that one extra step that causes him the trouble," said Tobe Berkovitz, a longtime Romney observer and the interim dean of Boston University's College of Communication. "You can't just say that African-Americans were accepted into the church and I was happy, you have to say you pulled over and you cried."
The latter was a reference to another statement Romney made on "Meet the Press," in which he tried to convey his emotion after learning in 1978 his Mormon church had given full privileges to blacks.
Romney recalled his exact location when he heard the news - the Fresh Pond traffic rotary in Cambridge - but he misspoke when he said he thought he was in law school at the time. In fact, he had graduated from Harvard Law School three years earlier. Read a full Salt Lake Tribune article here

Now, Mitt who just weeks ago claimed to believe in his Mormon Faith and the Faith of his Fathers seems to forget that his "Faith" includes the mandate that Mormon Church Presidents, also called "The Prophet" are not only considered God's ONLY authorized representative on Earth, but that they are required and expected to have regular "in person" visits with God, Jesus and other long dead prophets.
Mitt claims that he is not aware of God speaking to any man since Moses at the burning bush, even there failing to recall that the burning bush incident was preliminary to the receipt of the Ten Commandments which he received directly from the hand of "God" twice (the first set was hurled down on the partying Israelites and broken so Moses had to go back for another set) - and worse of all, Mormonism's "Joseph Smith's 1st Vision" actually claimed a visitation where God and Jesus (his other son - not his favorite son the Devil) appeared in person to 14 year old Joseph Smith telling him to join none of the churches then extant as they were "all corrupt" and basically the churches of the devil and that Joseph would be the "restorer" of the one and only true church, which he claims in 1820.
It makes me wonder if Mitt, who's father was made a Regional Representative of the 12 Apostles after he lost his bid for President slept through the family scripture studies and "family home evenings" his famous dad was bragging on as my Stake President in Michigan during my teens (and Mitt's). Read the Tribune article here. http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_7780619
Why am I picking on Mitt?
Well, it just needs to be done. Mitt is a poser and a phony.
His "defense of his religion" speech in Texas with Pres. Bush Senior, though it basically said nothing at all about anything at all did show that Mitt has the "look" and the connections and certainly the money, including a lot of $ from the Mormon Church and individual Mormons who thought that finally God was going to put a Mormon in the White House so that the country could be run by God (um....through the President of the USA, through the President of the LDS Church - all denials aside).
Such blatant dishonesty and scum sucking, brown nosing behavior just pisses me off.
Anyone who has spent some time in Utah knows the Utah Type that Mitt is.
Utah is full of phony, con artist posers popped out of the same mold and exactly like Mitt.
He even has the "Utah" look - Barbie and Ken and about as smart too.
But even though I particularly detest Mitt, I can't forget that the other candidates are sell out politicians too and can't be trusted.
Don't vote for "Party" politicians.
They are corrupt just by their partyism.
After all, they are suppose to not be partyists but patriots.

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