Return to Sender

Yes, we have switched back to blogger again.

Our ministry has changed it's name to UBU Ministries - homepage http://www.ubu-ministries.org

Healing and counseling have always been important services of the ministry.
If you want to access my health articles you can go here http://www.gregorylowrey.com

Aquiring spiritual/personal emblems in the form of tattoos and piercings are spiritual services that have also been in high demand.
We are grateful to be voted #1 year after year by our community.
We have a website devoted to our body art services at http://www.tat2me.com

Music is another important part of our ministry. If you would like to listen to some of my songs (and a cover or two) you can visit http://www.myspace.com/docloco

One part of the ministry that I wish didn't exist is our victimization at the hands of local (Utah County and American Fork City) government (and the lack of interest in our civil rights by the Utah FBI and US Attorney, Utah Atty General, etc.) which has been commonly referred to as the Happy Valley Tattoo Massacre'.
While the criminal charges against me and Shandi have both been dropped, the matter of intolerance and harassment is still far from resolved.
There are articles on this site about it, but all the court records and a full description of the many issues at hand are located on a site dedicated to just this issue - The Happy Valley Tattoo Massacre'.

I guess you can surmise that I was not elected President in 2008. My political views are primarily located on this site and at the ministry webpage.

Best wishes,

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