Obama Zombies

How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation

I just read the 1st chapter in this book by Jason Mattera - you can read it HERE.

The cover and the title really captured my attention and it started out being pretty interesting, describing how the media was all hot and wet over Pres. Obama during the 2006-8 campaign and how many news agents ended up with government jobs.

After a while though Jason's style started to sound like one endless lopsided rant against everything Obama and for me at least his own lopsidedness and total "socialist, America-killing liberal behind every word" perspective kind of killed his argument that all liberals, all Democrats, all reporters and every word spoken by the President (Obama) was lopsidedly liberal and out of step with Americans and American values, needs, etc.

By the time I got to the end of the first chapter where Jason describes Obama not as the puppet of Chicago, gangster politicians as in the first few paragraphs, but rather as the puppet, bought and paid for by Apple and Google - now, according to Jason both run by former VP and pseudo environmentalist Al Gore I was ready to upload my gratitude to the folks who devised the "look inside this book" feature now common to book-selling sites, so that I didn't end up with another useless book on my shelf that only had a cool cover and title to recommend it.

So, IMO - don't judge a book by it's cover - I've included the only good parts right here for you already - enjoy.

I suppose I am a little jealous over the political use of the word zombie anyway - I mean without first gaining my permission - since I feel I have taken ownership of that word in my depiction of Utarnians as "brain-dead Mormon zombies". I really object to anyone watering down the impact of my use of zombie by misapplication to anyone who is still crying over John McCain and bra-less girl not being our current weiner and cunt idiots in chief(s) - talk about two brain-dead zombies. (they could be Utah Mormons!)

I do want to remind anyone (if indeed there is anyone) who reads this that it is only the Utah variety of Mormons that I particularly despise and consider the dingle-berries of Satan. Other Mormons I only hopelessly pity. After 40 years in this criminal cult, including serving a full time mission, being a daily temple worker and living in Utah for 13 years - I feel I have the right to an opinion - and - I hope that anyone who finds my opinion confusing or offensive will take it as an invitation to take a long hard look at Mormonism - which is IMO about as nefarious a family destroying cult as has ever abused the concept of "Christianity", the Golden Rule, and defamed the name of Jesus while pretending to be his only legitimate representative on earth.

It looks like just reading chapter one of Jason's rant has got me primed to go off on one of my own but I'm going to chop it off here and just refer anyone interested to all my previous posts about Mormonism. I promise there will be more of those, hopefully more concise, precise and all-encompassing - and less rant-ish.

Back for a moment to Jason's Obama Zombies though.

I have been as surprised as anyone I suppose, by the methods the President has used to pursue or fail to pursue the objectives he outlined in his campaign. I also wonder how many of those objectives were just suppositions in my own head and not ever really part of his agenda.

I did vote for Pres. Obama on an admittedly "take a chance for change and softening of racial tension" stand, and I'm glad that both those things have happened, even though most of the (very little) racial softening that has occurred was, I think already in progress and had little or nothing to do with...can I call him P.O.(?) - [I hate to admit to being a lazy writer - especially since I know I use 100 words to tell a 10 word tale (um...sorry about that)].

We have seen some change too, and that is a surprise - and though a lot of people are upset over it - and even I didn't expect any changes to really please me - the act of moving us out of stagnation into trying new ideas and just taking a step - any step - and getting out of the headlights of the last few administrations fascist policies just seemed good.

I was very hurt when PO teased us all with his promise to prosecute Bush/Cheney as demanded by the Pres. of the United Nations (and me) if it turned out they had committed the crimes of which they were accused. Since they unabashedly did commit those crimes in front of the whole wide world - I naively expected to see them finally on trial and surely convicted.

Well, it was only a tease to get us all worked up and distracted from PO's initial criminal exercises, including the continuation of the rape of freedom in America and murder for profit (um...profits for high society buddies and their political goons).

But, even though (he would be prince) George is rapidly fading from everyone's memory and justice will likely never be done and freedoms lost are rarely returned - except by the shedding of blood that bought them in the first place - from King George ironically, I have to admire the smooth manner of our current President nudging us gently off the cliff instead of the overt bludgeoning we have gotten used to over the past 30 or 50 or 200 years.

I guess if I ever write a book about PO, I can call it "Our President Wore Sneakers"!

Still, change is good - and we do have an opportunity to make something good out of this.

Just doing something, and seeing that we can change our world and not just be helpless victims of government is important.

If the changes made are bad ones, at least we have the hope that the "movement" will inspire "We The People" to take to the streets to get necessary adjustments back to freedom made.

And, to be sure, I think that only by taking to the streets will any restoration to freedom occur.

I don't trust any of our politicians - especially Republicans and Democrats - to me, they are all evil, sell-outs the minute they achieve Party endorsement.

Like Jesus said, "No man can serve two masters" - either you serve the People or you serve the Party!

So, I leave Jason's book to all the people who love Fox News and CNN and who sold out - and are willing to continue to sell out present and future generations for a few undeserved and unearned luxuries today.

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