Bumps in the road.

I wrote a close friend today that the pain he endures, that seems so overwhelming now, will likely later be recalled as a relative bump in the road along his greater life path.

It made me think about how often I am asked what our church is about and I talk about how some people just don't feel a good fit with the orthodoxy, dogma and ritual of organized religion but they still seek spiritual development and a sense of community of like-mindedness, and that is where they find their attraction to our ministry.

It seems that most often it is people who have a bumpy path in life who are attracted to our services and seek to form social and spiritual bonds with us.

The vast majority of people, of course - are more comfortable in the mutual dead ends they have accepted as their waiting for death existences.

To us they are huddled masses of fear clogging the darkest corners of life.

Unfortunately, these are our public majority and bureaucracy - an overwhelming avalanche of ignorance, fear and greed.

To them, we are wild and out of control - not doing what has always been done - not lining up and bending neatly over.

But there are some few who have eyes to see and ears to hear and a care to face reality.

Maybe that's you. Maybe you notice that you just are not a square peg and never will be without sacrificing all the parts of your character that make you a unique creation of God.

Religions generally seek to define, improve and pass judgment on God's creation - YOU!

I recall some little phrase from a child, "God made me - and God don't make crap".

The bumps in life.

That is where interesting things happen; where all the lessons are learned.

Our societies are populated by sheep who hide from truth while craving (even false) order and shiny things - dominated by vultures and snakes who consider feeding off the flock their special privilege.

It is part of our spiritual development - if we are inclined to have any - to have the teeth of the entire dead end culture snapping at our rears once we dare hop out of the pile and start to be the people we were created to be instead of the brain dead robot zombie slaves our um...."elites" of society demand.

If you are going to open your eyes; you have to expect a little grit now and then.

Thus I suppose comes the phrase, "Grin and bear it."

Only you can be true to yourself. What is the alternative?


PS - From Tyranny - Expect Corruption. It trickles down.

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