Strategy for Occupy Movement

I am all for peaceful resolution to any disagreement, but there are times when more aggressive action becomes unavoidable due to the total disregard for and attack on human and civil rights.

Why does it take violence to move people to action? And why do people feel they can make progress against violent law breaking aggressors with so called peaceful protest?

All the police actions against the right to freely assemble lately is very disturbing.  With the success of social networking I think the suppression of civil rights could be easily curtailed. 

1) To maintain the success of occupation, persons willing to occupy could be organized into groups that would schedule rotations to relieve occupiers, so that there would be consistency in numbers without overwhelming participants. 

2) Some occupiers could be organized to go door to door in residential, business and campuses to enlist support and encourage drop-in occupiers and pledges to participate in a occupy rotation program.

I think that many supporters are discouraged by the idea that they must spend every day (and night) in the occupied zones, when in reality if more people spent just a day or even a few hours in solidarity it would be just as effective.

3) In addition to an established core occupy group (in rotation) a committment to secondary occupation could be organised to be "on call".

4) The "on call" protesters could be brought in for regular shows of increased numbers, but also could in the case of police attacks be called in to form an outer ring of protest, leaving police surrounded by numbers too large to resist.

5) Occupation of offices of government that are actively engaged in attempting to thwart the civil rights of the protesters.

I see these police actions as actions of war against the American people and feel that a peaceful response will not last in the face of continuing government attacks.

Those who would assert their civil rights must be prepared (with a defined plan of action) to respond in kind if necessary to defend their rights.

Government and agents of government do not deserve a peaceful response to brutal suppression.

The rights we exercise were gained by aggression.  If the protectors of those rights turn against the citizenry, it is reasonable to expect aggressive action to be necessary to secure those blood bought freedoms.

A war of words is one thing, but when police begin to physically attack, gas and shoot protesters, arresting them and destroying their property as they do when they "clear" encampments, it may be time to respond in the manner dictated by the aggressors.

I feel the movement should therefore address the issue of security and implement plans to contain and defuse those who violate the Constitution and attack our citizens exercising their freedom.

It is sad that at times protest is not sufficient to get the message across and freedom must be maintained in the same manner as it was originally secured.

I have not heard it mentioned in any news reporting, but it should be suspected that government agitators have infiltrated the occupy groups to start trouble and turn public opinion against this movement.  These people should be isolated and exposed.

I have noticed in news reports of foreign protests the protesters paining their signs on full body riot shields which are very effective against batons and projectiles and make breaking police lines very easy.

Protesters should not allow themselves to be contained by fencing or other means. 

Tear down the walls.

Contain the aggressors.
Occupy the suppressors.

If this movement continues, it will not be long before some protesters are murdered by the government.

We should not be found unprepared.  If the police wear riot gear and carry weapons, perhaps the protesters should recognize the obvious intentions and should follow suit.

When the police surround the protesters, the protesters should surround the police.  The strength of numbers is on the side of the protesters - who only want to exercise their constitutionally protected freedom to assemble.  They also have a constitutional right to bear arms, make citizen arrests, detain aggressors and otherwise be secure in their persons.  It's the LAW.

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