The Untied State of America

Great repost by Kita Kazoo.  http://ktlwry.blogspot.com/2011/11/un-occupy-across-america-interesting.html?showComment=1321469390220#c6305939151652571113

I believe that war has been declared on the general population here in America and around the world.  It would be nice to avoid violence, but violent action with FBI directed military tactics have already been set as a standard.  We do need a popular uprising against local, state and federal government that is actively and arrogantly destroying America and disregarding constitutional protections and breaking laws with impunity.

This is all the result of Friedmanite Reaganomics and the corporate Imperialism that has taken over the entire world.  We should all be ashamed to have let this happen and expect a high price to be paid to restore our blood-bought freedoms.

I think that citizens should be preparing for even more aggressive actions against the general population and be prepared to take more aggressive actions themselves to ensure the security of the people from the abuses of government and government agents.

The Police should revert to again being Peace Officers and protect the rights of the people and not establish themselves as enemies of peace and freedom.

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