Oh Kita Kazoo - I Love You!

Here we are this morning.  It's our 27th Anniversary. For me the saying "The 3rd Time's The Charm" could never be truer. I hope that other people who find they have made dumb choices never give up on finding true love.  Hard to believe...it seems like we just met, yet also like we've been together forever.  I know Kita can't honestly say the same, but I have never, ever, for one single moment regretted marrying her.  I love her more every day and have always felt that way.  She is the best and probably only true friend I have ever had or would want to have.  We have 6 great kids and 11 wonderful grandchildren.  I adore them all - and especially you, my sweet honey Kita.  I can't imagine how sad I would be with out you.  You are the most wonderful person I could ever want to know.  I could never express how grateful I am that you want to be with me.  I love you. 
Happy Anniversary Honey!

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