Drones and Robots - The Future Is Now And It's Frightening!

The other day I followed a little FB conversation about drone warfare and it's impact on society both in war zones and here at home.

One video led to another and aside from the current types and applications of large visible drones, I found present and future invasive and deadly drones and robots both massive and miniature - even micro-miniature!

Here is a short selection of videos showing where we are now and suggesting where we could be headed with drones and robots.

The world of Robocop and The Terminator could be available already, just waiting for the decision to implement such types of war and civil control machines.
Drones and killer robots are already at use and the psychological impact is perhaps even more damaging than the actual physical impact.

For surveillance and social control the current and future use of drones and robots is secure and rapidly advancing.

The dehumanizing of various types of engagement is or should be a very real concern.  This, however is not going away.

The future is now.  It's not that pretty. It is amazing, but frightening.  And the nanobots, insectbots such as the robot mosquito that takes a blood sample and registers your DNA while you are attending a meeting or rally, follows you around town and through buildings, sees you when you're sleeping and knows - well, everything about you, etc. and the cyborgs where live insects, bats, etc. are fitted with cameras or weapons and controlled by micro-transmitters are all here now - some even demonstrated in the last video.  Really, the last few seconds of the last video are pretty bizarre as all these can be weaponized and made essentially or in fact invisible.

You can buy a shoe-box size drone for $200 or kits to make your own drone insects for less - all operated by and reporting to your smart phone.  How do we get ready for this?

Ok, worried now?

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