Jill Stein Slaughters Opponents - Including Obama/Romney in 2nd Presidential Debate

I believe that anyone who would watch the Democracy Now Expanded Debate would easily and overwhelmingly vote for Jill Stein, the Candidate for the Green Party.

Thanks to Democracy Now all candidates who were willing to participate, who could actually win in the electoral college were represented for the American People to consider - except one who refused his invitation.  (plus he's kind of a dick)

Watch this "Expanded" Debate a little further down this post.

What we saw was the two corporately owned candidates, Obama and Romney, evade questions for most of the time and fall back on their old worn talking points.

Especially at the very beginning they both repeated their TP's virtually word for word in both their answers and their follow-up responses.  It was almost funny.

Where Romney couldn't evade, he simply lied. Fact checkers will be flooding the media with calling him on his BS for days, while some of it was caught in real time by both the moderator and the President.

The Third Party Candidates who participated - Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) declined again - featured Jill Stein of the Green Party, Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party and Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.

Where Romney and Obama evaded issues, Anderson and Goode seemed to not understand the question or the issue.

Anderson was pretty right-on about a few things and called Romney and Obama out on some of their misrepresentations.

Goode's answer to every virtually question was about green cards and unfettered access to military grade weapons for all with no restrictions whatever.

Only Jill Stein directly addressed the issues presented and offered concrete solutions with some specific examples of how her plan would proceed and why it would work.  More specifics are available on her website www.jillstein.org

She also was the only candidate who showed an understanding of the real underlying causes of our problems and offered solutions to remedying those causes.

I was so impressed with her.

She stood head and shoulders above the field.

 And she represented herself as capable of leading our nation in a productive, positive and responsible manner, with a quick turnaround in our most pressing problems.

 If you haven't voted already, you really owe it to yourself and your family to watch this expanded debate.

In many states you can still get an absentee ballot (that is how I'm voting today) and many states do not require a "reason" to justify obtaining one.

Regardless of how you choose to vote.  Please vote.  Vote your conscience.

I'm voting for Stein.

Sadly, the "downticket" Green Party candidates in Michigan are not so impressive, so I will likely vote mostly for Democrats for local offices and other Federal Offices.

Though not perfect (no one is) I appreciate my current Congressman, Sander Levin and Senators, Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.

In protest of the GOP anti-American, NeoCon "Tea Party" takeover, I will NOT vote for any Republicans this time.

The conduct of the GOP in both Federal and Michigan Legislative and Judicial bodies is undeserving of support and worthy of prosecution.

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