Oct. 18, 2012 Presidential Debate Jill Stein and Gary Johnson

This debate with Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, was fraught with technical difficulties, which I hope this updated version remedied.  Some, like the moderator's annoying echo could not be fixed.

In spite of production quality issues, I think this is very worth watching.

Both candidates are remarkably different than the polished, managed, practiced and trained seal kind of talking point politicians we are used to seeing with the most high tech production values in the Republican and Democrat debates.

What we do see, is real people who have the ability to lead and comprehend policy, answering questions without advance preparation, who rely very rarely on talking points and presenting policies that represent the interests and needs of regular people instead of just global elites and self-destructive neo-con ideologues.

I admit I was very surprised and kind of impressed with Gary Johnson.  I don't agree with his zero corporate tax idea and the expectation that some mysterious and mythical "job creators" are going to solve the jobs crisis.

I still embrace Jill Stein's position of single payer health care and a "Green" New Deal jobs platform that would guarantee locally managed and relevant, public service and ecologically prescriptive jobs to every person who seeks employment as well as locally managed, Federal  low or no-interest loans and grants to stimulate small business creation and growth.

Both candidates are legally electable and even if not elected, the more votes they get, the more the policies they represent gain broad awareness and power in government.

So, in spite of the non-glitz presentation, I encourage you to take an hour and pay attention to what these Presidential Candidates have to say.

They both appear sincere and capable to me.  I'm tired of having "Actors" in office who pretend to serve the greater good when they really are only throwing crumbs to the masses while helping the elites gorge on our present and future by sacrificing liberty and the rule of law so they can violate the law and the principles of our nation both at home and abroad.

To me, the Constitution is not, as Bush (2) is reported to have declared, "A goddamn piece of paper", but a valuable tool designed to protect people from tyranny, which has been undermined, especially since Ronald Reagan (who created "Homelessness" and most recently with Constitutional affronts like Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, SISPA, SOPA, DOMA, NDAA, etc.

So, watch, listen and vote with your conscience.

Apparently, Democracy Now is hosting another 3rd Party Expansion of the 3rd Presidential Debate this coming Monday, which you can watch live (probably 8 or 9 pm, EST) or watch later on the web.  www.democracynow.org

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