The Giant American Food Rip Off! We All Pay For This!

We are all victims of one of the biggest scams in history.
Unbelievably, we usually don't even realize that we are being so used and abused by those we pay and trust to protect our best interests.
One thing that no one seems to consider - I just realized it myself with the recent failure of the farm bill to pass. 
For example, it was threatened that without the subsidies that you and I pay, milk was going to cost it's real, unsubsidized price of about $8/gal. instead of the artificial $1.50/gal.
Taxpayers pay these subsidies via various use taxes - so everyone pays; income tax only paying the interest on Federal debt.
Considering the higher cost and lower production of small/organic, non-subsidized farms, the $8.50/gal. for raw, organic milk seems like a deal!
 Of course when you compare the "food value" of one to the other, the Factory Foods are an obvious total rip off at any price.
Not only do we actually pay a higher price than we realize due to subsidies (that you and I actually pay), but those foods also make us customers for the drug, health and chemical industries that not only do we directly buy from - but would barely even need - if we ate "real" food.
 In addition to the cost and burden of poor health, lost productivity, vitality and quality of life, we also (you and me) pay subsidies to those other "big businesses" too! 
No wonder they are all making record breaking profits - they all have one hand in our pocket and the other around our throat!

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