Reverse Climate Change - Green The Deserts

If you havn't been enjoying TED TALKS you should start.  You won't be disappointed.
Here is amazing and simple science - turned on it's head - with dramatic results in just the first year.

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  1. The yard of our second home in Yuma Arizona had been compacted by cars and motorcycles parking on it. There was very little vegetation at all, most of what was left was weeds.

    We could not afford grass seeds nor extensive watering. We could not justify buying a lawn mower to mow down a few sparse patches of grass some weeds. So we built a bunny cage that was open to the ground and acquired a few bunnies.

    We moved their cage from weed patch to weed patch and did some watering of those patches for about 20 minutes at a time, wanting to keep them alive for bunny food.

    Within one summer our whole front yard and part of the side yard became a lush full lawn that we only had to water a couple evenings a week. This was in 110 degree heat and sandy hard packed desert soil.

    Needless to say the rest of the plants in the yard did great and though we had a patchy looking lawn, as parts of it would grow back faster than the bunnies could keep up with, we had the greenest yard in town.