Even Evil Must Lose Once In A While - SCOTUS and SCROTUS

I seem to find myself rolling my eyes and letting out a big sigh of exasperation when I hear of SCOTUS delivering a decision along strictly partisan lines.
Sadly, my eyes have been suffering repetitive stress with  the current United States Supreme Court.

It is repulsive to me that the members of the Court seem to think the public that I am part of is so blind, stupid and uninterested that they can use their truly SACRED office to play politics and advance Corporate Interests over the needs of Real People.
May they all get what they deserve.

They all seem to know the LAW well enough - so when they attempt to use the color of law to promote their personal preference overturning the concept of equality in the process, I am double disgusted.

Sometimes, never without dissent, of course - SCOTUS actually gets something right - or at least right enough to promote Liberty.

So, first let me CONGRATULATE everyone, especially the Gay Community on the decision clearly stating that people who identify as Gay cannot be treated any differently that anyone else.

This is a wonderful Civil Rights victory.  I will not be surprised to find many benefits of civil rights protections suddenly enjoyed by the Gay Community in ways no one ever considered.

I hope there are lots of Happy Weddings and that love and commitment can now be officially socially revered regardless of gender or gender identification.

I hope we all recognize that govt. is playing catch-up with most of our culture and that now the rest will feel free to jump on board with the ideas of Equality, Liberty and Freedom.

While I am really and truly overjoyed by this validation of Gay Rights, I am equally crushed by the insane, idiotic SCROTUS decision to dump sec. 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

The simple fact that this was decided on strict partisan lines is a GIANT RED FLAG that Constitutionality and the Rule of Law were not considerations in the arguments of over half of the "Justices"!

Even if the intent (which surely some (D) Justices would have embraced at least in theory) was to cause Congress to expand the controls and put ALL States under the same scrutiny when it comes to voting rules and practices - and if anyone asked me to also include controls on redistricting that made it truly representative - well - even if that were the case, which it's not - even though the Court suggested that Congress could re-legislate on the issues of sec. 5 - my suggestion was obviously not their intention.

To send anything as serious as Civil Rights in general and Voting Rights in particular to the current Congress for any rational, productive, Liberty promoting action is just about the stupidest thing I think anyone could ever do!

I remember what kind of feet-in-the-streets actions were required to win recognition of Civil Rights in the 1960's and I think that is what it is going to take to get them back now that an asinine and IMO traitorous SCOTUS has thrown out Equality.

Both of these decisions should have been made some 200 years ago, recognizing and practicing true equality.

How shameful it is that today so many, and so many in power - are so ignorant of it.

Jesus called it "the Law and the Prophets" meaning The Whole of The Law. 
His brother James called it The Royal Law.
Universally we know this as The Golden Rule.

Is anyone really ignorant of this?
Is anyone ignorant of this being the foundation for the Bill of Rights of the United States of America?

Just as Jesus and James claimed it was ALL of what comprised their religion and it is obviously the foundation of ALL Liberty, Freedom and Equality promised by the United States Constitution the Justices would suggest interpretations of this ONE LAW - that overshadows and governs all other law - so completely different and at odds with it!

How can the "Justices" err so horrendously and stupidly, when they know the ONE very simple rule that governs all LAW in the United States?

Well...I'd say they just did it on purpose.

They gave Gays official recognition of their pre-existing Constitutional Protections (Equality) because somehow they felt it benifitted them personally, not because they were championing equality - though - I admit they did a really good job of describing it.  (probably some of them will regret that later)

And why they took a total racist/supremacist/fascist posture on Voting Rights is just the same. 

They felt they personally had something to gain by crapping on the Bill of Rights.

And "the people"? 

SCOTUS couldn't care less.

And they obviously feel that there is nothing that any of "the people" can do about it.

Much like a lot of other politicians and corporations that quickly jump to mind.

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