Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World - Right Now!

If we weren't blown away enough by the girl who wants to bury us all in mushroom suits - an amazing and fabulous idea -  there is this guy who is showing us how mushrooms not only rule but can cure, restore and maintain the planet and all the life on it. 

This short video is nothing short of amazing.  These applications are immediately available.  They have low to zero costs.  They produce results in a matter of weeks.

It sounds like this could reconcile the "carbon footprint" worldwide and perhaps even clean up petrochemical disasters like fracking wastes, conventional and tar sands contamination and more. (nearly free and works in weeks)

Add this to the pharmacological properties that are hundreds if not thousands of times more potent than drugs against viruses without the dangers of pharmaceuticals - well...you'll want to watch this.

Additionally, here is his YouTube page  http://www.youtube.com/user/paulstamets


His Website http://www.fungi.com/

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