But Everybody Is Doing It!

So this morning, I watched my usual spate of pseudo-news shows, starting with Meet the Press, where everyone (all US Senators) complained about everyone else's political ads that slander the opposition while endorsing their own slanderous or misleading (read "artful" lies) ads.

One of them featured a candidate flanked by a "night call" girl, you know one of those phone sex girls that are on TV after 10PM every night.

This one was a lot better looking than most!

These "protectors" of public morality must have had to interview a lot of sexy girls to find her.

Who wouldn't like that job!

Through most of the ad viewers were titillated by the sexy girl and her slinky voice inviting us to have phone sex with her, while opposite her was the candidate.

The voice over tells us that the candidate, while in a hotel called a phone sex line and charged the bill to the taxpayers, asking - do we want a sleaze like that in office (or something similar).

But it turns out, as revealed on Meet The Press, that it was an aid who dialed the number which was the same as some legitimate political office, but he mistakenly (or tried to save a buck) used an 800 prefix.

The call lasted less than a minute and was followed immediately by another call using the same number with a local area code, which connected to the appropriate office.

It was an obvious and simple error that had nothing to do with the candidate or phone sex.

(Phone sex by the way is a legally protected American Freedom and is only considered wrong by those who can't keep their voyeuristic, sex-by-proxy noses and fake morals out of other people's business, while the same people think that lying to get what you want and destroying another persons reputation for the same reason or hating and denying equality under the law to anyone who thinks differently than them or who doesn't part their hair on the left, is perfectly fine)

I, by the way, have never had phone sex, and don't find it personally appealing.

But I would not deny anyone else's right to have it if they like that.

And I wouldn't think they were a pervert!

It's just a fucking fantasy, (NPI) and contrary to "Christian propaganda" does not turn everyone into baby rapers.

So why is the ad, which was "officially endorsed" by the opposing candidate, trying to delude the voting public into believing this guy is a pervert and is exercising his perversion on the public's penny?

Then followed a bunch of similar type "slander" ads from both the major parties. What was even more surprising to me was the panel was all US Senators and they ALL were defending their "slander" ads, while decrying the oppositions "slander" ads!

Then Senator Mrs. Dole from wherever, showed just what a bully she is, and how she doesn't give a flying crap about anyone's position but her own, which was vile and disgusting and supporting telling any kind of lie about the opposition in order to win the vote!

It was what some people call a real cluster-fuck!

I just HATE idiot fucks like these! I couldn't find anyone on the panel of about six US Senators who thought that it was wrong to lie to gain office and who thought it was wrong to slander another person to get what they wanted.

One of them when asked if he thought it was fair, remarked that "politics is not fair"!

I think politics should be fair, and honest.

I don't think anyone who thinks like these Senators should be allowed to gain office of any kind.

If the best they can do is say "So what, Everyone is doing it" then I say, lets kick these fucks out of office - all of them.

They are not looking out for our best interests or the best interests of the Nation.

They are only in it for themselves and their self-enrichment at the public trough.

I don't see how anyone with a conscience of any kind could vote for Democrats or Republicans.

Some people would say, "Well they are not all bad.", "My candidate is a good person.", but anyone who would support and seek support from such evil groups as these political parties, basically anyone who would willingly "sell their souls to the devil" in order to gain political office is simply not to be trusted.

We have just seen a slew of politicians who had convinced everyone of their piety and their stand on the "moral high ground" who it turns out were anything but moral.

The spin doctors want us to believe that they were once honest good men, but Washington (evil Washington) corrupted them!

What a pile of crap!

These men were always what they have recently been revealed to be.

They were just good liars.

And since nearly all of our elected officials are Lawyers, why should we expect them to be anything but Liars?

Haven't lawyers spent hundreds of years proving to everyone that they are not to be trusted?

Lawyers are the ultimate "spin doctors" who generally (I mean maybe not 100% - but probably) will fuck over anyone for a buck.

In America (and elsewhere) it is not right or wrong that makes a good case, it is simply - whoever tells the best story wins.

That disgusts me!

We have to get rid of these creeps.

Don't vote for a Republican or a Democrat - Period - Please!

The other pseudo-news shows were just more of the same but the people were better behaved.

One commentator surprised me though when he said (about John Kerry's recent fuck-up) that at first he believed Kerry was insulting American Servicemen (and women) but later, after hearing more about it changed his mind to think that it was just a sad case of poor timing and stupidity.

How could anyone believe for one fucking moment that Kerry (who I think is not all that bright) would actually insult American Soldiers?

Why would anyone ever do that?

But the Liars and Spin Doctors saw an opportunity to "go for the jugular" and since they think that the American Voting Public are all dumber than a stump, they expected us to fall for all their hoopla!

The worst part is, of course that very many Americans did jump on the bandwagon.

Apparently they are dumber than stumps!

I suppose they all went to church today to tell themselves how perfect and holy they are!

Is our whole country just gone completely insane?

Is everyone on some kind of drug, legal or illegal that turns their brains to banana mush?

Are we all so greedy that we just don't care about right and wrong and protecting our blood bought freedoms?

Maybe while all the so called Christians are in church today they should read about how the only people Jesus (remember him) really despised were the HYPOCRITES.

And, in the bible (fake as it is - though it contains a few commendable ideas woven into its lies), the people Jesus despises as hypocrites are the CHURCH PEOPLE!

They are all the LEADERS of his own religion.

The same Religious Leaders were also the LAWYERS and JUDGES.

Now, in America there is a big effort to make the Big Religious Leaders also the Puppet-Masters of our Political Lawyers and Judges.

So, not much has changed.

Also, of course, millions of dollars were wasted on Saddam's big court fiasco, when everyone knew the appropriate outcome.

We just all wanted to see if he was so good a liar that he could lie his way out of being responsible for his behaviors.

Well, he doesn't lie as good as our American Politicians. Poor Saddam. I hope they use a cheap rope.

Also, more Holier than Thou, Pastors and Presidents of Holy Churches of America, found to be practicing the exact behavior they are condemning from the pulpit!

They can't really be blamed for their decisions though - they were on drugs!

Aren't we tired of all the liars and cheats and plain no-good-doers that we have put our personal and National freedoms in the hands of?

I sure am.

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