So now Kita tells me that if you enter the word "weird" into the google video search engine - my video comes up at the very top (#1)!

Now that is weird! I mean, that is really weird.

Want to hear another wierd thing?

I just had a friend of my daughter put a new engine in my car.

Thanks to all the old gas I saved in the tank, the varnish I'm burning instead of fuel is making the engine make some ugly sounds.

I buy some Sea Foam - magical shit - I aint kidding.

Its like Jesus and All the Holy Angels for your car - no shit!

Some how I get an urge to check the oil.

I pull out the dip stick.

Dry as a bone.

I freak out - that mother fucker put in an engine and didn't put oil in it!

Can't believe that so I check it again.

Still, not a drop on the dip stick.

Denial won't let go that easy.

I ask my friend to take a look.

He's a good mechanic and is young and has good eyesight and is pretty smart too.

We put the stick back in for the third time and guess what?

No fucking oil!

Not a fucking drop.

We are both incredulous!

Now I'm freaking over whether I have just fried a new engine.

I've only put about 50 miles on it.

So we hunt up some oil. Find 2 1/2 quarts which we dump in.

I walk to the corner gas station and buy three more quarts, nearly getting run over because I
am so distracted by my anger and amazement.

I get back and my friend puts in another quart.

I go to put in the second of the three, but he stops me.

"Lets check it first he says"

Guess what?

It is WAY full of oil. I mean REALLY over-full.

He says, "There must have been some oil in the pan that the dip stick won't reach"

Well that sounded a bit weird but it was the best explanation we could come up with.

So we have to jack up the car and drain out some.

How much did we have to drain out to get it back to the perfect MAX level???

3 1/2 quarts!

Exactly the amount we had just added!

What the fuck you say!

And yet it's true.

What the fuck?


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    You can catch it here -
    Cinema Kazoo

  2. Thanks,
    I went through 17 pages of weird videos and couldn't find it - certainly not at the top!

    Are you sure it wasn't "cool" videos you were searching for?