More Cops Misbehaving, Indiana's new Right to Resist Law

It seems that since regular people have started standing up for their rights, too many cops are determined to bully them back to "their place".  The police and the cities that sponsor them deserve ever greater scrutiny for the criminal and stupid things they do.
Don't get me wrong. Cops who act as peace officers are great - there just are too many bullies with badges out there - and they need to GO!

Police Magazine rocks!

Here is another video of 4 cops.  Three of them abusing a handcuffed guy with emotional/mental issues.  The chick cop shows them she is a real tough cookie.  Even though it's on video, they all pled not guilty (of course) instead of taking responsibility for their (recorded) actions.  3 got fired. 2 were charged.  Other cops have filed a suit against the city for not letting them be bad and not keeping it private.

He deserves a no confidence vote, as does the prosecutor who pulled the same trick.  I hope they both get charged with obstruction of justice or whatever fits.  In the new modern fashion, they should throw the book at them.  And the mentally ill murderer is still running loose with his gun!

Oh, the cops don't like this one.  I've been bullied by cops in my own home before when I was minding my own business.  http://www.policemag.com/Channel/Patrol/News/2012/03/22/Indiana-Governor-Signs-Right-To-Resist-Law.aspx?ref=OnTarget-Thursday-20120322&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Enewsletter

Here's one from the Times.  "The department came under additional scrutiny last year after an officer who had been involved in a fatal shooting described his occupation as “human waste disposal” on Facebook. Another officer wrote on Myspace that “some people are alive only because killing them is illegal,” 
The Mayor of Albuqerque says it's a $500 bonus for shooting someone - and he doesn't like it.

More training on how to escape from choke holds.  The cops shouldn't be the only ones who know how to do this.    http://www.policemag.com/Channel/Recruit/PhotoGallery/2012/03/Choke-Escapes-2-Techniques.aspx?ref=OnTarget-Thursday-20120322&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Enewsletter

Oh sure, we all want one, but with a kick like that who could ever hit anything?  It would be great for pistol whipping I guess.  And some one should tell this guy that you are not supposed to point it at your own head, even if you think it's empty!  Really!!!

When Facebook just won't do.  Americans with criminal records now have their own social networking site with the launch of Felonbook.com.  Where felons and their friends can collaborate and hang.  (where nobody's watching!)  http://www.policemag.com/Channel/Technology/News/2012/03/22/Felonbook-com-Launched-To-Change-The-System.aspx?ref=OnTarget-Thursday-20120322&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Enewsletter

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